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Code of Conduct for Managers and Coaches

As a manager for the Massasoit Babe Ruth Baseball Association, I agree to:

         Respect all players.  I will ensure that all criticism I offer to the players will be constructive and balanced with compliments.  I recognize that all players are contributors to my team and will treat them all fairly and equitably within the rules.

         Respect all parents.  I recognize that baseball is a big commitment for parents.  I will keep my team parents informed as well as possible to ensure that the whole team is pulling in the same direction.

         Follow proper channels to resolve any disputes.  I understand that I am not alone in my position as manager or coach.  I have a strong organization to assist me in the resolution of problems, issues or disputes.  If they arise, I will discuss problems with my manager or coaches, the player(s), the parents or the League Directors as necessary.  With the manager or coaches I will schedule a team meeting before our first practice to formulate the expectations for our team.  These expectations will be published in writing and given to all my team players and parents.

         Display good sportsmanship at all times.  I understand that the players are learning to be good sportsmen and team players and are quick to copy all behavior they see on the field, particularly that of me in my position as manager or coach.  I will show respect to my teams manager, coaches, players and parents and the opposing managers, coaches, players and parents at all times.  The umpires and fans will also have my respect and I will respectfully take care of the playing fields, facilities and equipment that we use.

         Be a positive contributor to the Massasoit Babe Ruth Baseball Association.  I will be a positive and caring influence and an encouraging force in teaching the lessons of team play through baseball to all the players I encounter.