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Make sure all fields are raked, dugouts cleaned and all trash removed after your games.  Follow all Covid guidelines set by the state, maintain social distance, wear face coverings and sanitize your hands often.




Varsity Champions

KP Wood


Varsity Runner Up



Junior Varsity Champions

KP Cook


Junior Varsity Runner Up

KP Makudera


Junior High Champion

Mansfield Martin


Junior High Runner Up

Foxboro Gold





Varsity Division All Stars

Junior High Division All Stars

JV Division All Stars




2018 Summer 19-21 Division Champs


2018 Summer 19-21 Division Finals

Bellingham and Plainville


2018 Junior Varsity Champions

KP Green Beatty

2018 Junior Vasrity Runner Up

KP Black Makudera


2018 Varsity Champions 

KP Gold Simmons


2018 Varsity Runner Up

North Attleboro








Recent Results
Field Status
Community Field - North Attleboro OPEN (8/8) 
FIeld of Dreams - Plainville TBD (8/8) 
Franklin Fletcher - Franklin OPEN (8/8) 
Franklin Tri-County - Franklin OPEN (8/8) 
Freeman Kennedy - Norfolk OPEN (8/8) 
Mansfield East St Varsit - Mansfield OPEN (8/8) 
Mansfield East Street JV - Mansfield OPEN (8/8) 
Mansfield JV - mansfield OPEN (8/8) 
Mansfield Memorial Park - Mansfield OPEN (8/8) 
Mansfield Otis Street - Mansfield OPEN (8/8) 
Memorial Park - mansfield OPEN (8/8) 
Millis High School - Millis OPEN (8/8) 
Millis Town Park - Millis OPEN (8/8) 
North Attleboro Mason Fi - North Attleboro OPEN (8/8) 
Norton Middle - norton OPEN (8/8) 
Norton Middle School - Norton OPEN (8/8) 
Payson - Foxboro OPEN (8/8) 
Pond Street - Norfolk OPEN (8/8) 
Remington Middle School - Franklin OPEN (8/8) 
Remmington Franklin - Franklin OPEN (8/8) 
Richardson Field - Bellingham OPEN (8/8) 
Sharon High School - Sharon OPEN (8/8) 
Sharon Middle OPEN (8/8) 
TBD - TBD OPEN (8/8)